• Case IH Steiger 600 HD Duals CVT
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Power at the Heart of Crop Production

Maximum horsepower for larger implements plus articulated steering. Used in every Steiger tractor from the 400 hp row crop version to the industry-leading 600 hp model, it’s a proven design first used in Steiger tractors in 2006 and later incorporated in Case IH Axial-Flow® combines. The 400 to 500 hp Steiger tractors feature a 12.9-litre engine with a single-stage turbocharger to properly match the engine with horsepower requirements. The 550 and 600 hp Steiger models feature a two-stage turbocharger system – a small turbocharger for low-RPM responsiveness and a second, larger one for a maximum boost at high RPMs.


Now, the wheeled and wheeled scraper Steigers are also available with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Read the news here.

  • Steiger 300
  • Steiger 400 / CVT
  • Steiger 450 / CVT
  • Steiger 500 / CVT
  • Steiger 550
  • Steiger 600


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