O’Connors RTK Network

One of the largest RTK Networks in Australia

O'Connors have dedicated the necessary resources to become the market leaders in Precision Agriculture hardware sales and support, having established a RTK reference station network with over 140 towers - the largest network in the Southern Hemisphere.

This has provided us with the opportunity to build a dedicated Precision Ag support team unmatched by any other agricultural machinery outlet in Australia.

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  • 900MHz radios are unaffected by other electrical components in your machine (UHF’s, HID Lights etc)
  • Our bases are fully surveyed providing the security that your lines won’t budge no matter what happens to the base
  • We have designed our network so that for clients within our coverage area, bases are never more than 15km away, meaning year after year our signal delivers an accuracy no more than 2.5cm away. Even with strong radio signal, the fundamentals of GPS means for every kilometre you get away from a base, the more the accuracy degrades a machine at 30km from a base will repeatedly be offline many times further from the desired position than its stated accuracy
  • Sigma 2 is the highest accuracy available on the market. Other Sigma 1 networks in the area operate at 2.5cm just 68.3% of the time and will often be at more than 10cm even when very close to a base
  • Our radio network is entirely in house.  No telephone companies or signal providers involved meaning no matter what the issue, we can fix it
  • Have access to our entire network of 147 towers within NSW and Victoria
  • Our bases are unlocked for GLONASS. This means that we can receive GPS from more satellites than any other network, almost eliminating dropouts for GLONASS enabled systems


O’Connors are currently investing in a new RTK network for the Corowa region!  Just as “Oil’s ain’t Oils”, not all RTK networks are the same and the accuracy, reliability and performance of the signal a network can offer can dramatically differ.

The Network we are currently building is a 900MHz Radio Network operating at Sigma 2 accuracy, fully surveyed and GLONASS unlocked.  This will make it the most accurate and reliable network in the region and will provide customers with an unmatched RTK experience.

The reason other companies have constructed alternative frequency, non surveyed Sigma 1 Networks is because it requires far fewer and lower quality base stations.  Our new network is costing us significantly more to build, however, we believe in the benefits it delivers to growers.

Accuracy demands have come a long way and what for many was certainly a great first step, has been dramatically improved upon.

The newest systems available provide some fantastic new features such as NextSwath end-of-row technology, rate and section control and Vehicle Sync functions keeping you at the top of your game.

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