Precision Farming

Precision Farming Services

Discover the improvements in efficiency and accuracy through precision farming solutions. At O’Connors we are committed to staying at the forefront of technology and are constantly researching new innovations to benefit our customers.


Managing data is of increasing importance to benefit from new innovations in technology. O'Connors Precision Agriculture department can assist you and make sure that you are on track with the data generated and that you have full control over your data. You own your data and you decide what data you want to share and who you would like to share it with. We train you on the latest software and technology in training courses or one-on-one trainings.


Our products will help you to improve your performance. So we are making sure that your new aftermarket precision ag equipment is installed and calibrated correctly. We invest time to make sure you understand how to efficiently work with your new gear.


O’Connors provide an in-field service to support all our Precision Ag products. There are tutorials available here which have been designed in response to your FAQ’s or a call to your salesman will point you in the right direction. For more complex issues our Precision Ag team will help you out with over the phone support or in paddock support.


New technological trends pop up constantly, the agricultural industry is evolving faster and faster. Our Precision Ag team has a close eye on what is happening across the globe. We are constantly demonstrating and testing new products to make sure they work in and suit your conditions. Latest releases include: Case IH Grain Analyser 3000H and Next Swath technology for tractors and headers.

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