O’Connors welcomes SeedMaster to product lineup

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SeedMaster specialised seeding equipment has been added to the O’Connors stable of industry-leading farm machinery products and equipment, providing more choice for customers to suit their farming systems.

SeedMaster, based in Saskatchewan, Canada, builds innovative, precise seeding equipment, helping customers produce better crops with higher profits.

“We’re really excited about the inclusion of SeedMaster into our range of leading products,” said Tom Sheridan, Group Sales Development Manager at O’Connors.

“We are particularly excited about the 60ft, 70ft and 80ft toolbars which provide excellent broadacre paddock coverage with exceptional results and a purchase price that really stacks up in the market,” he said.

“SeedMaster toolbars are a true double-shoot system which offers separation between seed and fertiliser, with precise seed placement,” Tom said.

Seedmaster openers are designed to achieve effective, reliable separation – giving growers confidence in their seed placement.

“It is a simple and effective design with good trash flow in paddocks with high stubble loads, particularly when fitted with deflectors on each tyne.”

With precision, simplicity, and durability, the SeedMaster range boasts the lowest-maintenance seeding systems on the market. The terrain-following openers place seed and fertiliser with pinpoint precision and the100 feet-wide air drills mean farmers can seed more hectares per day across a range of soil types.

The SeedMaster toolbar is both versatile and adaptable and has compatibility with all types of Air Carts.

Another advantage of the SeedMaster toolbars is their width when folded for travel. The 60ft range folds to less than 6 metres in the transport position, perfect for business owners who know they will need to move between paddocks on major roads.

“SeedMaster has a great reputation, so the inclusion of the range across our dealership network is a great opportunity for O’Connors customers,” said Tom Draffen, O’Connors Marketing Manager.  “Stocking another leading brand in tillage and seeding means we can provide more choice for our customers to suit their farming systems.”.

SeedMaster’s precise seed placement has been particularly noticeable during the recent harvest.

“Some of our current SeedMaster customers have provided excellent feedback about the preciseness of the seed placement in the rising edge of the press wheel farrow. They could see it very clearly from the combine cab during harvest,” he said. “Visible results when the work is paying-off at the end of the year are indicators of a great seeding program– which sets you up for the rest of the year”.

Selected SeedMaster toolbars and openers are now available from O’Connors dealerships across the network with stock still available for the upcoming season.

For more information, contact your local O’Connors’ branch or visit www.oconnorscaseih.com.au.