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Case IH Magnum Series

Case IH Magnum 250 – 380 (High HP)

Toughest Tasks with Ease

The Case IH Magnum tractors have the power to take on the toughest tasks, with horse power ranging from 250 to 380 and standard 19-speed, full PowerShift transmissions. Experience the industry’s leading Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which is an option on all models and standard on the Magnum 250 CVT (270 maximum boosted engine horsepower) and Magnum 380 CVT (435 maximum boosted engine horsepower). The operator simply sets the split throttle to the appropriate minimum and maximum engine RPMs, and the Case IH CVT automatically adjusts to match ground speed and load.

Handle hard-pulling applications with up to 14 percent power growth and 35 engine horsepower Power Boost.

PDF Case IH Magnum brochure

PDF – Case IH Magnum (High HP)

High-Horsepower Case IH Magnum:

  • Magnum 250 PS / CVT
  • Magnum 280 PS / CVT
  • Magnum 310 PS / CVT
  • Magnum 340 PS / CVT
  • Magnum 380 CVT

Case IH Magnum Rowtrac:

  • Magnum Rowtrac 340 PS / CVT
  • Magnum Rowtrac 380 CVT


Case IH Magnum 200 – 240 (Mid-Size)

Industry-leading Power and Productivity with Straightforward Operation.

Today’s powerful lineup of Magnum tractors is engineered to make your job easier and more productive, allowing you to keep up with the demands of farming. Delivering an impressive 200 to 240 horsepower, there’s a Magnum tractor perfectly suited to your needs. Magnum 200 to 240 tractors are a perfect match for mid-sized row-crop implements with unparalleled 170 to 205 PTO horsepower, standard 19-speed full PowerShift or CVT transmissions.

Now available with front duals. And you control it all from the Surveyor cab, the industry’s largest, with more glass than any other cab, so you can see all the angles.

Mid-sized Magnum:

  • Magnum 200
  • Magnum 220
  • Magnum 240


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Call us today to get all information about this ultimate machine or read the Case IH Magnum brochure.

You might be also interested in the Magnum Rowtrac – the first conventional tractor with two tracks. For all information, please visit the Magnum product pages on the Case IH website.