• Case IH Steiger 600 HD Duals CVT
  • Steiger 600 HD 4
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  • Steiger 620 HD
  • Steiger 600 HD 3
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Power at the Heart of Crop Production

Case IH Steiger PDF Brochure

Case IH Steiger PDF

Maximum horsepower for larger implements plus articulated steering. Used in every Case IH Steiger tractor from the 400 hp row crop version to the industry-leading 600 hp model, it’s a proven design first used in Steiger tractors in 2006 and later incorporated in Case IH Axial-Flow® combines. The 400 to 500 hp Steiger tractors feature a 12.9-litre engine with a single-stage turbocharger to properly match the engine with horsepower requirements. The 550 and 600 hp Steiger models feature a two-stage turbocharger system – a small turbocharger for low-RPM responsiveness and a second, larger one for a maximum boost at high RPMs.

The Steiger Models

Since 2017, the wheeled and wheeled scraper Steigers are also available with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).
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  • Steiger 300
  • Steiger 400 / CVT
  • Steiger 450 / CVT
  • Steiger 500 / CVT
  • Steiger 550
  • Steiger 600

The configuration that started it all, Steiger wheeled tractors are ready to work in any and all conditions.

  • 4WD force makes Steiger tractors ideal for everything from pulling large planters and strip-till rigs to pushing silage and towing grain carts.
  • Get more traction and less compaction with a longer wheelbase and Case IH also offers the tallest row crop tyres in the industry – 480/95R50R1W – available for Steiger 400 and 450.


  • Steiger scraper models are proven workhorses on construction sites, moving earth at the lowest possible cost per yard.
  • Four models mean the operator can match tractor power to the scraper system (carry-all or ejector, single or tandem).
  • The new Scraper CVT model will quickly adjust to changes in load. Perfect for any scraper operator on the construction site.


From Wheels to Tracks – the Quadtrac and Rowtrac

If you are looking for maximum power and traction combined with low compaction, then you need to see the Steiger Quadtrac.

And for adaptability required for row crop and controlled traffic farming applications, see the Case IH Steiger Rowtrac.


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