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Case IH Magnum Rowtrac

More Traction with Less Compaction

Launched in 2015, the Case IH Magnum Rowtrac CVT receives the “Tractor of the Year” award at EIMA in Bologna and “Machine of the Year 2015” at SIMA in Paris. And this unique piece of farm machinery deserves every hard-earned recognition.

Built to work hard and go easy on the ground. Magnum Rowtrac tractors are designed to strike the perfect balance, with tire options that fit your row width and soil type and an oscillating rear-track design that keeps the power on the ground through the tightest turns.

These tractors keep four points of ground contact, which reduces surface pressure and means less weight transfer from front to rear than two-track systems. And it offers manoeuvrability and handling comparable to a wheeled tractor.


Case IH Magnum Rowtrac Series

PDF Case IH Magnum brochure

PDF – Case IH Magnum / Magnum Rowtrac

  • Magnum Rowtrac 340 PS/ CVT
  • Magnum Rowtrac 380 CVT



When you compare manoeuvrability and handling, the Magnum Rowtrac clearly takes a turn for the better. Where two-track designs may scuff the field surface on turns, create ruts and berms, and pull into soft spots, the Magnum Rowtrac design maintains a larger, more balanced footprint as it nimbly works through irregular ground and headland turns. That reduced soil disturbance means more productivity from more of the field.


This exclusive rear track oscillates and pivots to maintain a flat footprint that keeps the power on the ground. This design produces traction that is unaffected by hitch or drawbar load, plus improved ride over terraces and other uneven terrains.


Whether you plant rice or cotton, beets or potatoes, soybeans or corn, the Rowtrac undercarriage design adapts to fit the way you farm. A wide range of axle spacing options gives
you the flexibility you need.


Ready for more?

Read the Magnum PDF with all information around the Magnum Series including the unique Rowtrac.

Or just give us a call. Alternativley, visit the Case IH Website.