• Case IH Steiger Quadtrac CVT
  • Case IH Steiger CVT
  • Steiger 500 Quadtrac
  • Steiger 600 Quadtrac
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The Legendary Quadtrac

Case IH Steiger PDF Brochure

Case IH Steiger PDF

Putting power to the ground using the unique Quadtrac design track system will minimise soil damage from the impact of using heavy equipment and maximise crop yields. With equal-sized, independent, oscillating drives on all four corners, you can get into fields sooner to maximise your opportunity for high-yielding crops.

More power to the ground means more efficiency, especially in adverse field conditions.

More than 20 years of industry-leading track technology can be found in every Steiger Quadtrac tractor, which features four individually driven, positive-drive oscillating tracks.

  • Exclusive five-axle design distributes weight evenly and consistently for increased traction with less compaction.
  • Each track maintains constant contact with the ground, giving the producer a great ride, optimal pressure, superior flotation and better traction.
  • Tri-point oscillation offers strength and durability.

Since 2017, the Steiger Quadtrac is also available with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Read the news here.

  • Steiger Quadtrac 450 / CVT
  • Steiger Quadtrac 500 / CVT
  • Steiger Quadtrac 550
  • Steiger Quadtrac 600


And for adaptability required for row crop and controlled traffic farming applications, see the Case IH Steiger Rowtrac.

Maximum horsepower for larger implements plus articulated steering, the Case IH Steiger wheeled or Scraper.


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