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Case IH Optum – A new tractor to meet your demands

Case IH launched a new series of tractors: the Case IH Optum has landed in Australia. The successful Case IH Puma is the base of the new model with many enhancements and improvements. But the Optum is much more than a high horse-power Puma

Case IH designed the Optum series tractors for farmers seeking a tractor with the optimal power to weight ratio. And, with the focus on dimensions, power, comfort, hydraulic capacity, and weight farmers will appreciate its flexibility. We are confident it fits many farming applications like hauling, tilling and triple mower applications.

Dynamic modern styling

Case IH Product Manager, Peter Elias says the Optum CVT is instantly recognisable by its dynamic modern styling that introduces the look of Case IH tractors for the future and creates its own category by combining the versatility and manoeuvrability of a Puma with the power of a Magnum.

“An in-depth customer clinic was held, involving owners of a variety of brands in this segment,” says Peter. “We thoroughly evaluated demands and expectations which then were implemented in the development, design and manufacturing of the new tractor range. One key requirement Australian farming and contracting businesses focus on is the manoeuvrability and compact dimensions of highly versatile and powerful tractors – that is what our development engineers kept in mind. We are convinced that the Case IH Optum CVT will soon be appreciated as a truly versatile and reliable high performer.”


Two CVT Models

There will be two models available, the Optum 270 and Optum 300 both coming with the CVT transmission as a standard. Additionally, the upgraded transmission and axles make the Optum CVT capable of a 16-tonne maximum gross vehicle weight, you can fit duals on the front and rear axles. Both models come with the Tier 4B 6.7-litre NEF engines from FPT.

  • Optum 270 CVX
    The Optum 270 tractor offers a maximum engine horsepower of 288, with 240 PTO HP and a CVT transmission
  • Optum 300 CVX
    The Optum 300 tractor offers a maximum engine horsepower of 313, with 270 PTO HP and a CVT transmission


Other notable features on the Optum CVT include:

  • New reactive steering – makes for comfortable driving at speed as the steering wheel returns to the straight ahead position
  • ABS/ABS advanced and automatic park lock
  • 4-speed rear PTO, 2-speed front PTO
  • Closed Centre Load Sensing Hydraulic System – 220 litres/min hydraulic flow with separate steering and transmission systems
  • 630 litres diesel tank and 96 litres AdBlue tank
  • Rear linkage with 11,058kg maximum lifting power at ball ends
  • Front linkage with 5,821kg maximum lifting power at ball ends – perfect for triple mowers
  • Headland Management Control (HMC II) and remote file transfer function
  • Longest service intervals in the power sector


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