Kelly Tillage Chainbars

Kelly Chainbars - Limited stock available for immediate delivery

Developed by farmers, for farmers, the Kelly Chainbars are built for longevity, efficiency and manoeuvrability.

Whether it’s residue management, weed control, moisture incorporation or creating that perfect seedbed prior to planting, the unique diamond shaped Kelly Chainbar is designed to suit any application.

Kelly Chainbars are the ultimate tool for seedbed preparation with a well-earned reputation for strength and reliability.

DJI 0089
Model 2006 CL1 Disc Chain Action
DJI 0091
  • Extensive use of high-strength steel reduces weight and improves durability
  • Reworked drawbar improves manoeuvrability, allowing for tighter turning
  • Floating wing cylinders compensate for uneven field surfaces
  • Fully sealed jockey wheel bearing and enclosure reduces maintenance

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