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The Specialist for Row Crop Applications

Beginning with the new Rowtrac design, Steiger tractors continue to lead the industry with more innovative design advancements that allow producers to grow crops in a more productive environment.

Although the Rowtrac undercarriage looks similar to the Quadtrac undercarriage, it is uniquely different. The exclusive Case IH design fits in a very narrow undercarriage width for row crop applications. We extended the wheelbase, so each track has even more ground contact resulting in better transfer of power to the ground.

These models deliver the adaptability required for row crop and controlled traffic farming applications and the power needed to cover more ground with wider implements.


Now, the Steiger Rowtrac is also available with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Read the news here.

  • Steiger Rowtrac 400 / CVT
  • Steiger Rowtrac 450 / CVT
  • Steiger Rowtrac 500 / CVT


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