• MacDon M1 R113 Crop
  • MacDon M1 R113
  • MacDOn R113 SP FrontRow
  • MacDon R1 PT 3 Year Cutterbar Warranty
  • MacDon R113 SP SteelInter
  • MacDon R113 SP PolyInter
  • MacDon R113 SP OverloadProtection

MacDon R1 Rotary Disc

MacDon R1 Series Rotary Disc Header

MacDon M1 - Product Line up 2018

PDF – MacDon Product Line up 2018

Speed, precision, performance, that’s exactly what you get with the MacDon M1170 Windrower and R1 Series Disc Header. Our patented CrossFlexTM suspension and low-profile, forward-mounted cutting discs help deliver a smooth, clean cut at in-field speeds of up to 14 mph (22.5 km/h). The two-stage controls allow for faster and more precise positioning of the header lift, and customizable One-Touch-Return buttons can be programmed to control the header’s height, tilt, and cutting speed. With all this and more, it’s easy to see why the M1170 Windrower and R1 Series Disc Header are a knockout combo.


MacDon R1 Features

  • Clean Cut & 3 Year Warranty
  • Overload Protection
  • Front Row Seat to Productivity – The R1 features an amazing in-cab view of the crop flow
  • Serious Conditioning – industry’s widest conditioning roll at 129” (328 cm), and 3 interchangeable conditioning options.
  • Steel Inter-Meshing Rolls or Polyurethane Inter-Meshing Rolls


Compatability with MacDon Windrowers

M1240XXXX 16'
M205XXX 16'



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Read all about the R1 Series in the 2018 Product Line up PDF.

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