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MACDON FD2 Flex Draper Front

A ground following dream – the all-new MacDon FD2 FlexDraper

70% more flex, 30% more speed & 20% more capacity. The all-new FD2 FlexDraper Front gives you more of everything you need for harvesting performance.

Close Reel-to-Cutterbar Relationship
The MacDon FD2 FlexDraper® features a fixed reel-to-cutterbar relationship. A small gap between the reel fingers and the cutterbar is maintained at all times, even at extreme flex, ensuring smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding of the crop over the entire width of the FlexDraper®.

Heads-First Active Crop Flow
Once the crop gets on the drapers, MacDon’s Active Crop Flow takes over, swiftly moving the crop hears-first down the side drapers and into the combine’s feeder house. Now standard on the FD2, the in-cab side draper speed control allows on-the-go adjustment. Heads-first feeding promotes peak combine efficiency by improving threshing action, creating better straw distribution, and providing an overall more productive fuel-saving harvest. What’s more, MacDon’s Active Crop Flow is more efficient in damp and moist conditions, meaning you can start earlier and work later into the evening.

Amazing Reel Performance
The unique movement of the FD2 reel picks up and gently places crops onto the drapers. This patented reel features a uniquely shaped cam that allows the fingers to get underneath lodged crop and pick it up before it’s cut. Aluminum reel ends and sectors help reduce overall weight and improve efficiency. The FD2 headers and reel are highly adjustable from the cab for optimal performance. Header tilt control adjusting the draper and knife angle, and fore-aft reel positioning lets you set the FD2 for the most challenging real-world harvesting conditions.

Multi-Crop Harvesting Solution
The MacDon FD2 FlexDraper® is a multi-crop harvesting machine. Switch the FD2 easily from a flex to a rigid frame header with a simple flip of a lever, giving you the versatility to move from one crop type to another. Cereals, oilseeds, beans, just about any crop in any condition; another reason why the FD2 is the ultimate performance upgrade for your combine.

Triple Reel
New for the FD2 is a triple reel option. Three reel sections now mirror the flexing points of the header, delivering an even closer reel-to-cutterbar relationship for smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding.

Full-Length Upper Cross Auger
A performance option worth considering for anyone harvesting high-volume crops, like canola (rapeseed), peas, and mustard, is the Upper Cross Auger. The auger keeps bushy crops on the draper as they move to the centre of the header, where twin pitch fighting actively and aggressively drives the crop down onto the feed auger.

Super-Sized Capacity
The FD2 comes with up to 20% more capacity from an ultra-deep deck featuring 50 inch deep drapers on all models. These huge drapers perform with ease, cleanly laying down high-volume crops, keeping combines running smoothly with consistent heads-first feeding. This deeper draper also provides improved cutterbar visibility from the combine. New for the FD2 is a 50 foot header size; paired with the deeper draper deck, the FD250 delivers the most crop capacity ever offered in a FlexDraper® model.

Active Float System
MacDon’s Active Float System reacts instantly to changing ground conditions. This immediate float response means you can cut extremely close to the ground without pushing soil.



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