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MACDON PW8 Pick Up Front

Set it and forget it…

MacDon’s engineers worked hard to make the PW8 pick up header as user-friendly as possible, from easy installation to time-saving innovations, it all adds up to harvesting performance you can count on. Here’s why the MacDon PW8 is the smartest no-brainer on the market:



The MacDon PW8 has many characteristics which makes it to one of the most advanced on the market – suited ideally for you Case IH combine:

  • Heavy Duty Draper Tracking System
  • Seed Saving Technology
  • Serious Capacity
  • Simple Adjustments
  • Drop-and-go float performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • On the go Control


Specifications MacDon PW8 Pick-up header

Weight 1452 kg
Overall Width 18 ft. 6 in. (566 cm)
Effective Picking Width 14 ft. 8 in. (452 cm) between divider lugs
Overall Depth 8 ft. (246 cm)
Auger Diameter 2 ft. (61 cm)
Auger Fingers Factory set for 18, qty to match specific combine feeder house
Auger Speed 0-35 ft/min (2.72 m/sec)
Auger Drive Chian Endless # 80 for strength and durability
Drive Shaft Heavy duty, 1-3/8 in. diameter, fully shielded with built in clutch
Draper Belts Each deck consists of (4) 44.3 in. (1125 mm) wide drapers joined and equipped with patented tracking V-guide on right end
Draper Fingers 5 in. plastic
Draper Rollers Large 5 in. (127 mm) drive and 4 in. (102 mm) idler roller (same on both decks) with V-Groove on right hand side to ensure proper draper tracking and reduce slippage
Draper Drive Two 5.9 CID (97 cc) hydraulic motors
Guage Wheels 8.50 x 8 adjustable height
Header Float Spring-Over-Shock System requires no adjustment or lock-out for transport and provides 18 inches of wheel float



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