• Gason Para-Maxx 100 150 series

Gason Para-Maxx Series

Gason Para-Maxx Series

The new generation of tillage and seeding equipment

O’Connors have been a strong supporter of the locally designed and manufactured Gason products for years. The Gason Para-Maxx planter changed the way the parallelogram system was applied with many advantages. Today, Gason is offering a range of planters and toolbars to make it suitable for your ground.


Gason 150 Series Para-Maxx

Gason Paramaxx 150 100

PDF – Gason Para-Maxx 150 and 100 series planter and toolbar

World’s leading parallelogram planter with independent hydraulic adjustment on both coulter and tines. The Gason Para-Maxx* 150 Series Planter and Toolbar introduces a new era of farming in Australia:

  • Parallelogram planter with independent hydraulic adjustment on both coulter and tines.
  • Strong and reliable 3-row frame.
  • Double Disc Seeder – Fitted with single or double press wheels
  • Manufactured from high-grade steel

Making pressure adjustments on the Gason Para-Maxx 150 Series is easy, simple and fast – it’s all done with the flick of the hydraulic controls from the tractor seat. Both coulter and tine pressures can be adjusted independently so one does not rely on the other. You don’t have to leave the seat to make even the smallest adjustment to either the coulter or the tine

Gason 100 Series

The Gason 100 Series Planter and Toolbar was introduced onto the Australian market in 2012 following in the footsteps of the Gason ParaMaxx* 150 Series. The 100 Series was manufactured using the proven principles to the Para-Maxx*150 Series but with some subtle differences. Now you can choose the Gason 100 Series equipped with the tools you require to suit
your country, crop and conditions.

PDF – Gason Scaritill and Hydratill Brochure

The Gason 100 Series comes in three configurations:

  • Para-Maxx* Parallelogram Row Unit assembly
  • Hydra-Maxx Hydraulic Tine assembly
  • Scari-Maxx Spring Tine assembly

Gason 100 Series Para-Maxx

The frame of the 100 Series is the heart and soul of this Planter and Toolbar and is common to all models – Para-Maxx 100 Series, Hydra-Maxx 100 Series, Scari-Maxx 100 Series. The 100 Series Para-Maxx parallelogram row unit allows for independent adjustment of pressure on both tine and coulter while on the run.

Gason 100 Series Scari-Maxx

The Scari-Maxx 100 Series offers farmers a machine which is adaptable and is an economical farming plant.  The Scari-Maxx 100 Series utilises standard the same toolbar as the Hydra-Maxx and Para-Maxx* 100 Series manufactured from 100mm x 100mm x9mm bar and is strengthened to deliver reliability.

Gason 100 Series Hydra-Maxx

Hydra-Maxx 100 Series has hydraulically operated tines with a breakout force between 140kg to 310kg (310lbf to 680lbf).  It also features a soft recoil and a maximum jump of 350mm. Double chrome plating on cylinder rods and double seals and back-up wiper for improved corrosion protection have been proven over many years of service.


O’Connors and Gason

For more info about the Gason Products and availabilities, please contact your local O’Connors branch.