• Gason Spreader 7370 towed behind
  • Gason Spreader 7312 12t capacity tow-behind
  • Gason Spreader 7312 12t capacity tow-behind
  • Gason Spreader 7312 12t capacity tow-behind

Gason 7300 Series

GASON SPREADER – the 7300 Series

O’Connors offer a wide range of tow-behind or hitched fertiliser spreaders. By designing and producing agricultural machinery in Victoria for over 70 years, Gason always understood the local conditions and thus always been in the heart of our farmers. With two new models in the line-up, the tow-behind Gason Spreader now can spread a large variety of materials from urea to chicken litter, lime and gypsum and does it with great accuracy.

Another benefit of the spreaders is the focus on fewer moving parts reducing maintenance requirements to a minimum. Additionally, the heavy duty construction and a baked enamel paint finish assure a long service life.

New in the program are the 9t and 12t tow-behind spreaders. They form the upper-end of the Gason range and take the spreading width up to 36m. For controlled traffic farming, the new spreaders can come in 3m wheel centres.


Characteristics of a Gason Spreader

  • All steel welded construction
  • Great accuracy
  • Low maintenance
  • 3 to 12 tonne maximum carrying capacity
  • Two new 9 and 12 tonne models come with both multi-purpose and widespread spinner sets
  • Granulised fertiliser spreads up to 36m with widespread spinner sets
  • High torque spinner motors with speed read out
  • 3 speed gearbox
  • Low profile, easy loading
  • Chain feed gives even distribution to spinners

Gason Spreader 7312 7390Range of Spreaders

  • Gason 7330 – 3.3t capacity*
  • Gason 7350 – 5.7t capacity*
  • Gason 7370 – 7.1t capacity*
  • NEW – Gason 7390 – 9.4t capacity*
  • NEW – Gason 7312 – 12.8t capacity*

*(Super (estimated) – Single Super @ 1200kg/1000lt)


More info around the Gason Spreaders

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Product description and specifications:

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Visit the >> Website – Gason Spreaders or call O’Connors today for more info around the Gason tow-behind spreaders.