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SULKY X50+/ X40+ Econov

3D Curved Spreading pattern with the Sulky Econov system

Sulky ECONOV for the X40+ and X50+

Strengthening the management of your profitability

With the Sulky Econov technology, the Sulky X50+ and X40+ are automating the fertilisation operation. Critical and risky areas are eliminated as the Econov System is managing the actual shaped curved of the spreading.

Key features of the Sulky Econov System:

  • Gives you peace of mind by automating all risky operations
  • Provides fertiliser savings
  • Guarantees even distribution across the whole plot
  • Eliminates under- and over-applied areas
  • On widths from 18 to 50 metres
  • Up to 4000l hopper capacity

12 Spreading Sections

ECONOV manages 12 equal sections regardless of the working width. Please, click on to the picture to see it animated.


Sulky Econov

Click to view – Animation of 12 sections

Picture 1: Going onto a straight headland, the sections close gradually from the outside to the inside, following the actual shape of the spreading area-  in a CURVE!

Picture 2:. If the spreading width is reduced, during the last run for example, the sections close automatically according to the width still to be spread.


Need a larger tank?

Did you know you can get a Sulky tank extension for your seed and fertiliser spreader?
O’Connors are engineering and manufacturing tank extensions to meet your needs.

Sulky Tank Extensions

More Info

Give O’Connors a call to find out more about the large spreader range on offer.
Visit the Sulky Burel website or visit our Spreader Section on our website.

O’Connors, Sulky and Muddy River

Sulky products are distributed by Muddy River Agricultural. Muddy River Agricultural focuses on distributing, marketing and supporting field-proven, specialised, short-line agricultural equipment to the Australian farm industry. Muddy River currently represents 13 North American and European manufacturers, all of which are regarded as leaders within their particular sectors.

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