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Flexicoil ST820 Precision Cultivator

ST820 Precision Cultivator

Flexi-Coil’s ST820 cultivator combines solid construction, durability and flexibility with incredible accuracy and depth control. A flexible frame and floating hitch provide exceptional contour-following capability – you can closely follow the rise and fall of the ground for consistent depth accuracy – and heavyweight construction helps it penetrate the hardest soil.

The ST820 is available in three or five-section models with 7.2 inch (183 mm), 9 inch (229 mm) or 12 inch (305 mm) row spacing. The high clearance (32 inch/812 mm) frame and careful placement of wheels to the rear means heavy residue flows through without plugging.

With an air distribution package, the ST820 places seed accurately in uneven ground and high residue conditions. Single cylinder depth control provides accuracy, reliability and low maintenance, and the depth for the entire machine is set at a single point.


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