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Horsch Sprinter NT


Designed for direct seeding the Horsch Sprinter NT is ideal for broad acre farming across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. This Horsch air seeder and tine seed drill is specifically designed for direct seeding in areas with continental climate – with low rainfall during the growth phase. It’s new tine system with exact depth control lets you put the seeds exactly there where you want them to be.

The Sprinter NT with 15 and 24-metre working width stands for maximum efficiency. The HORSCH NT chisel coulter sowing technology allows for a high amount of fine earth in the seed row and for the placement of the seed in a so-called ”open furrow“. The seed coulter forms a furrow and removes lumps and organic material from the seed horizon. The seed is placed into this furrow and fixed in the wet soil by the press wheel. Thus, very good emergence is achieved even under extreme climatic conditions. Sowing is possible into cultivated as well as into uncultivated soil. The seed drill is ideal for no-till farming. The Sprinter 24 NT achieves maximum efficiency due to its working width and the corresponding seed hopper SW 17 000 SD with a hopper capacity of 17 000 litre. The 15-metre wide version has some particular characteristics: Seed waggon and seed unit are a more compact unit.

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The Horsch Sprinter NT in brief:

  • NT chisel coulters remove lumps from the seed horizon and place the grain precisely
  • Maximum efficiency due to a hopper capacity of up to 17,000 litre
  • Perfect for professional large farms

Advantages of Sprinter NT

  • New tine system with exact depth control
  • Sowing according to the principle of the open furrow: the seed is dropped into deeper wet soil layers, is then covered with 2 to 3 cm of soil and pressed
  • Specifically designed for direct seed in areas with continental climate – with low rainfall during the growth phase
  • 12-24 m working width
  • Power demand starting at 260 kW / 350 HP

Distinguishing Features of Sprinter NT

  • Large working width for the highest output
  • Robust and low-wear due to very few moving parts
  • Precise seed placement
  • Seed wagon with the capacity of 17,000 litres

Upgrade released in 2018.

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Horsch, Muddy River and O’Connors

Horsch LogoHorsch offers a wide range of tillage equipment, experts consider the Horsch air seeder and tine seed drills as one of the best available. Their simple but clever design makes them light and durable. Horsch’s tillage and air seeding machines are engineered for the use specifically in controlled traffic and no-till and conventional farming systems.

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Horsch products in Australia are distributed by Muddy River Agricultural. Muddy River Agricultural focuses on distributing, marketing and supporting field-proven, specialised, short-line agricultural equipment to the Australian farm industry. Muddy River currently represents 13 North American and European manufacturers, all of which are regarded as leaders in their particular sectors.

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