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SeedMaster Toolbar


The SeedMaster Toolbar delivers long-lasting performance you can trust.

The bolt-together steel frame and the protection of our blast-to-bare metal powder coating makes our toolbars durable and easy to maintain. The SeedMaster Toolbar also comes in second-to-none with its dual-knife opener. The SeedMaster Opener delivers precise seed and fertiliser placement, fast uniform emergence and a field finish like no other.

Standard features:

  • Smart Openers – Lift and lower openers into the ground with an easy-to-use foot switch while also utilising the ISO in-cab controller to adjust packing pressure.
  • Low Maintenance Opener Design – One of the lowest maintenance openers on the market, designed with parts that are built to last.
  • Active Wing Brace – Counteracts opener draft force to distribute frame stress.
  • Lift Kit – Provides superior flotation when pulling through mud.
  • Matrix Wing Lock – Partially unfolds each wing for lower transport height, ensuring safe travel under power lines and overpasses.
  • Residue Deflectors – Reduces residue build-up on knives, ensures optimal product placement, and delivers exquisite field finish
  • Blast to Bare Metal Paint Procedure – Flawless powder coat paint adhesion for an anti-corrosive finish that won’t crack, chip, or peel.
  • Equal Length Distribution Kits – 2 1/2-Inch formed piping for equalised distribution
  • 5-Year Frame Warranty


  • High Flotation Rear Axle – Pairs well with the SeedMaser lift kit for flotation in muddy conditions
  • Front Walkover Hitch – Quickly access either side of your toolbar.