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At O’Connors, we can equip you with the tillage parts from a wide range of manufacturers.  We are not only selling seeding and soil cultivation machines, but we are making sure that you can put the right point knives, boots and pressing wheels onto your bar. The requirements for your land might be completely different to what your neighbour needs. So we are working close with our suppliers to get the right tools for your gear. We stock a wide selection of tillage parts from a wide range of suppliers.


Tillage Parts Supplier


Agmaster Harrington No-Till

Agmaster is the manufacturer and distributor of Harrington No-Till Seeding Systems, Presswheels and Rotary Harrows. As market leaders in the industry and through its continuous improvement program, Agmaster is dedicated to innovation, producing quality products and providing value for money.

>> Website – Agmaster



Dutch Openers

We make seeding and fertilisation more effective and efficient for better crops and improved farm yields. Let Dutch Openers’ variety of farm equipment help your farm to increase its production and reach its full potential!

>> Website – Dutch Openers




The Manutec agricultural components division supplies specialised direct drill and zero till components to Farmers, Agricultural Dealers and OEMs.  Manutec components can be used to convert or refurbish air seeders, drills, combines or disc planters.

>> Webstite – Manutec


Great Western Tillage

A proud Australian owned company, Great Western Tillage distribute through a comprehensive agricultural dealer network and are proud to offer an extensive range of premium locally manufactured and imported products to the “man on the land”.

>> Website – Great Western Tillage



Primary Sales Australia

Over the years, PSA has developed a comprehensive range of points, brackets, boots and other accessories for virtually every make of scarifier and cultivator in popular use in the market place.

>> Website – Primary Sales



Maxi Point

Maxipoint has been specialising in the development of this equipment since the inception of modern cultivation technology, and has developed a comprehensive range of long lasting, tungsten points to fit every tillage situation – from ‘maximum till’ or ‘minimum till’ to ‘no till’ requirements.

>> Website – Maxi Point




After more than 140 years in the agricultural manufacturing industry, Agpoint Australia is renowned for the quality and reliability of it’s products. Agpoint specialises in producing and supplying superior quality agricultural ground engaging tools and accessories.

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OEM Tillage Parts

Also, see our Tillage Manufacturers. They offer also a wide range of accessories and parts to go with your equipment. >> Seeding and Cropping