• Wheel Track Renovator
  • Wheel Track Renovator

Grizzly Wheel Track Renovator

Grizzly Wheel Track Renovator

Restore – Revive – Renovate

Controlled traffic leads often to tram lines or wheel tracks. If you would like to restore your paddock, revive the soil for an even soil distribution, the Grizzly Wheel Track Renovator is made for it.  It is designed to fill wheel tracks, depressions and gutters created from Controlled Traffic Farming and situations where wheel track and gutters are an issue.

The machine can be set up for 2m or 3m centers (or adjusted to be anywhere in between thanks to the Grizzly Tension Clamp System) and is capable of filling gutters 350mm (14”) deep in one pass.


Please see all details in the >> PDF – Grizzly Wheel Track Renovator.



Other Renovators

Grizzly is also offering a wide range of other renovators. Call O’Connors today and we will find the ideal Grizzly product for you:


Singel Wheel Track Renovator

Ideally suited to tracks left from irrigators, this machine will fill tracks and allow you to mount up on the wheel track to ensure water runs off tracks.

Banker or Channeller

Primarily designed for bank and channel construction. Provides a cost effective irrigation, water management and earth-forming capability including contour banks.

Baby Banker

Ideal for renovating check banks on irrigation farms or making small hills for tree plantings or water ponding



GRIZZLY – The Biggest Range of Offset Discs

Grizzly ‘know-till’ manufactures a range of high quality, reliable and innovative ground engaging agricultural machinery for use on small, medium and large farms. All machines are designed and manufactured by Grizzly with strict quality control and testing to ensure the farmer gets the best possible product available.

The range includes disc ploughs & harrows, curved tine/tyne rippers, straight shank rippers, heavy duty grader blades, banker channellers, extremely heavy duty tandem offsets with up to 42″ discs.

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