• SPK 0425
  • CL2 Disc 801
  • CL1 Disc 800
  • W36 Disc Small
  • SD49 Disc 800
  • R300 Disc
  • Prickle Chain
  • 30 CL1 CL1 900 NB

Kelly Chain and Diamond Harrow

One Machine for year-round tillage

Kelly Engineering is offering a unique tillage system and O’Connors is proud to distribute it. No matter if you are after stubble control, moisture management, herbicide incorporation or creating a perfect seedbed for cropping, the Kelly Chain is your all-year-round tillage system.

The large portfolio of Ground engaging discs, the sturdy and reliable design of the Diamond Harrow and the optional addition of the Seeder makes the Kelly Chain popular, simple and effective.

Kelly Chain - 30ft with CL2 and CL1 discs

Kelly Diamond Harrow

No farm is too big or too small for the Diamond Harrow. The standard sizes range from 6m up to 24m (80ft). Controlled traffic models are available.

The models include:

  • 6.0m (20ft)
  • 9.1m (30ft)
  • 12.5m (40ft)
  • 14.0m (46ft)
  • 18.3m (60ft)
  • 24.6m (80ft)


Kelly Chain

Kelly is offering chains for every situation and condition. No matter if you have Clay, Loam or Sandy Soil. No matter if you want to fluff up your residue in preparation for burning or want to incorporate fertiliser. There is a chain of every situation

  • CL2 Disc Chain – Sharp disc providing controlled penetration
  • CL1 Disc Chain – Ideal for stubble management, weed control and levelling soil
  • R300 Disc Chain – For working in shallow depths and sandy soils
  • Spiked Disc Chain – Remarkably effective weed remover, also good for herbicide incorporation
  • W36 Disc Chain – Ideal for mulching stubble and levelling soil
  • Prickle Chain – Ideal for very light tillage applications


Kelly Chain PDF Brochure

PDF – Kelly Diamond Harrow

Kelly Seeder

Combine the Harrow and Chains with the Kelly Seeder and you can gain cost-saving benefits through one pass broadcasting and incorporation

Build your own machine

Check out this great feature on the Kelly Engineering website: you can select your Soil Type, your primary need and tractor size and it will give you the right machine. Try it yourself.


Ready to find out more?

Read the PDF brochure, visit the Kelly Engineering website or contact us directly.