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The BROOKFIELD® CrossBar is ideal for viticulture and horticulture inter row renovation and weed control that assists in reducing chemical costs and improving soil health.

What makes the BROOKFIELD® CrossBar unique?

  • Levelling & Seedbed Preparation
    The cross design is unique for levelling and seed bed preparation with the option of various disc combinations. It can also be used for levelling farm roads, repairing bogged tracks and rows or levelling uneven surfaces.
  • Replaceable Discs
    The discs are replaceable and have a 66kg/m chain weight; they can be easily incorporated for varying soil conditions to maximise results.
  • Low Maintenance
    The linkage model CrossBar is a compact and simple design yet a versatile machine. It requires no tools to adjust settings, is low maintenance and it also has low horse power requirements.
  • Improve Water Intake
    The unit is ideal for lime and fertiliser incorporation and for light renovation to improve water intake.

The CrossBar is now available in 1.5m, 2.0m and 3.0m working width.

Please see all details in the >> PDF – Crossbar 20.

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