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SeedMaster offers a range of precise, masterful seeding equipment that is inspired by relentless curiosity and an endless obsession with on-farm efficiency and innovation. SeedMaster is dedicated to helping farmers grow better crops with less effort for increased profits, by producing innovative, precise, reliable seeding solutions that are specifically designed to save on input costs.

Grounded in agronomy, the SeedMaster advantage is built on solid agronomic principles that support precision seed placement to deliver better crops, greater profitability, and more sustainable practices.

Below we have listed our most popular SeedMaster products. See the product pages for more details around these products. Or visit SeedMaster to view their range of products.




Built to outlast, the SeedMaster Toolbar delivers long-lasting performance you can trust. The bolt-together steel frame and the protection of our blast-to-bare metal powder coating make the toolbars durable and easy to maintain. The SeedMaster Toolbar also comes in second-to-none with its dual-knife opener. The SeedMaster Opener delivers precise seed and fertiliser placement, fast uniform emergence and field finish like no other.


Find more details on the >> Product Page of the SeedMaster Toolbar.


Uniform emergence and precise placement

Ensuring the highest yield potential begins with a seeding system that guarantees healthy and uniform emergence. SeedMaster aims to perfect their technology with the uncompromising goal of precisely delivering each seed to maxmise germination. The opener is low maintenance and built to withstand a variety of terrain and soil types including rolling hills, clay, sand, and rocky land. Eaxch opener works independently with on-row packing and maintenance-free pivot points.

Find more details on the >> Product Page of the SeedMaster Opener