• MacDon Flex Draper Header FD75
  • MacDon FD75 Flex Draper Header
  • MacDon FD75 Flex Draper Header
  • MacDon FD75 Flex Draper Header

MACDON FD75 Flex Draper Front

MacDon Flex Draper Front without Compromises

The FD75 MacDon Flex Draper Front is the latest innovation in FlexDraper® technology. Even at maximum flex, the MacDon FD75 fixed reel to cutter bar relationship stays true, maintaining a consistently small critical gap between the reel fingers and cutter bar. This close reel to cutter bar relationship results in smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding that significantly boosts combine productivity. That means you get up to 45′ (13.7m) of true ground following characteristics that won’t compromise performance.

The FD75 FlexDraper Header comes in

  • Lengths: from 30ft to 45ft
  • Weight with Single Knife Drive: 3,060 (30ft) to 3,442kg (40ft)
  • Weight with Double Knife Drive: 3,533 (40ft) to 3,728kg (45ft)


The FD75 FlexDraper® switches easily from flex to rigid application with the quick flip of a lever. This amazing feature allows the FD75 to provide outstanding performance in just about any crop and under any ground condition. Available in 30′ (9.1m) to 45′ (13.7m) widths, making this the most productive Draper Header that MacDon has ever produced.


On the other hand, the other guys’ rigid frame relies on the movement of the flexible cutter bar to follow ground contours. To accommodate the flex, reel fingers must have excessive clearance to avoid damage from the cutter bar. This results in a large gap and inconsistent relationship between the reel and cutter bar as the cutter bar follows contours in the field. The MacDon FD75 FlexDraper® features a fixed cutter bar to reel relationship. This means a small critical gap between the reel fingers and the cutter bar is maintained at all times, even when in full flex. This small gap ensures smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding of the crop over the entire width of the FlexDraper® Header, up to 45′ (13.7m). That’s innovation significantly boosting combine productivity.


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