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  • Horsch Avatar SD
  • Horsch Avatar SD
  • Horsch Avatar SD
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  • Case IH Magnum Rowtrac O'Connors Horsch Avatar
  • Horsch Avatar SD
  • Horsch Avatar SD
  • Horsch Avatar SD



Robust, Versatile and Precise, that’s the new Horsch Avatar

The single disc coulters of the Horsch Avatar excels due to a single disc coulterss. The range of application is from direct seed into stubble, over sowing of catch crops into main crops and direct seed on already cultivated fields. The large depth control wheel guarantees that the correct placement depth is kept exactly in all conditions; press wheel and closing wheel guarantees a safe covering and consolidation of the seed for an optimum emergence.

The Avatar SD has been designed as a compact machine and excels due to a transport width of 3 m while the working widths range from 6 to 12 m. The Avatar 6 and 8 SD has a 2-bar design and allows for row spacing of 16.7 cm. The seed coulters of the Avatar 12 SD are arranged on one bar with a row spacing of 25 cm. The Avatar 12 SW is based on the well-known HORSCH seed waggon concept. The 12 metre wide machine is equipped with two rows of seed coulters and allows for a row spacing of 20 cm.

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The advantages of the Avatar at a glance:

  • Compact, manoeuvrable machine
  • Universal ranges of application
  • Durable components
  • Low maintenance
  • Low horsepower requirement due to low disturbance of the soil
  • Low disturbance of the soil while sowing – low stimulation for weed seeds


  • Well-proven folding concept with compact transport dimensions
    • telescopic axle guarantees stability in the field, even in extremely hilly terrain and a maximum transport width of 3.00 m on the road
  • Large tyres (520 / 85 R 38) at the seed waggon for maximum soil conservation and load-bearing capacity even in wet conditions
  • Single-row design with SingleDisc coulter with row spacing of 25 or 30 cm
  • Light-weight machine with integrated weight transfer and distribution to the coulter wings for homogeneous coulter pressure at all seed row to the very outside
  • Standard: mechanical half-width shut-off
  • Optional: electric half-width shut-off to be controlled via the ISOBUS terminal or automatic with SectionControl activation (incl. micro-granular unit)


SW Model

  •  HORSCH seed waggon concept for maximum efficiency
  •  Capacity of 12 000 litre for maximum efficiency
    • Hoppers 50 : 50 seed / seed or seed / fertiliser (application as as G & F version, seed and fertiliser in one row)



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>> PDF – Horsch Product Overview

Horsch, Muddy River and O’Connors

Horsch LogoHorsch offers a wide range of tillage equipment, experts consider the Horsch air seeder and tine seed drills as one of the best available. Their simple but clever design makes them light and durable. Horsch’s tillage and air seeding machines are engineered for the use specifically in controlled traffic and no-till and conventional farming systems.

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Horsch products in Australia are distributed by Muddy River Agricultural. Muddy River Agricultural focuses on distributing, marketing and supporting field-proven, specialised, short-line agricultural equipment to the Australian farm industry. Muddy River currently represents 13 North American and European manufacturers, all of which are regarded as leaders in their particular sectors.

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