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Case IH XCN 2050

Chose Precision – The new Precision Farming Display

At O’Connors we always want our customers to be the leader. And with the new Case IH XCN 2050, this is the case. Not only is the XCN 2050 intuitive and user-friendly, it’s Android user-interface is familiar to many Android mobile phone users already. It is the most advanced screen so far with 12.1” screen size, high definition and you can run multiple screens at the same time.

XCN 2050 and NextSwath™

With the XCN 2050 customers are now able to use the latest end-of-row turn technology NextSwath™. We have trialed and tested NextSwath™ and it works like a treat: We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers who have NextSwath™ installed on their machines.


“In the beginning it was a weird feeling not touching the steering wheel when you drive towards the fence. But once you see it working, it’s amazing.”


“At the end of the paddock I do not even need to put my coffee cup down.”


“This is the greatest thing ever”


The Case IH XCN-2050 Guidance Display integrates seamlessly with the NextSwath™ end-of-row turn technology, allowing customers to automatically calculate the best possible path of approach to executing a turn to the next row or swath. This improved turning efficiency and repeatability can increase yield and prevent crop damage whilst also saving time and fuel costs.

By automating the turning process, NextSwath™ can:

  • Dramatically improve the operator’s performance
  • Eliminate towed implement undershooting or overshooting
  • Minimise skips and overlaps when lining up for the next row


Looking for a different display?

Feel like this might be a bit too much for your needs? The XCN-2050 has the option to run the familiar FM-1000 applications with all the powerful advantages of the XCN-2050 hardware.

Or see our other displays, like the reliable and proven Case IH FM-1000 or the entry model FM-750.


Ready for more?

Get in contact with us to get a live demonstration of the XCN 2050 display or the NextSwath™ technology.

Read more about in this PDF – Case IH XCN-2050

or on the Case IH AFS website