• Muster II Fire Suppression
  • Muster II Fire Suppression
  • Muster II Fire Suppression

Muster II Fire Suppression System

Soaring summer days, harvest is well under way and machines are running hot

The reality is that occasionally machines catch fire. Consideration must be given to the costs of machine replacement and lost production. A Fire Suppression System is the solution. 

PDF – Combine Fire Suppression Systems. Click for larger view.

While there are a few common causes, it is worthwhile considering the options available to protect your investment in the case of such an event. The installation of a Fire Suppression System has now become an essential part of a company’s overall risk management plan in order to minimise the risk to both operator and equipment.

O’Connors now are selling, installing and servicing combine fire systems from JSG Muster.
The Fire Suppression Systems can be fitted to any make and model.


Characteristics of the MUSTER II:

  • Full 24/7 monitoring
  • Rapid detection of a fire
  • Initiates alarm signal
  • Automatically activates extinguishing
  • Manual activation and extinguishing
  • Alarm signal confirming discharge
  • Initiates safety functions
  • Provides electrical shut down output

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