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Case IH 7250, 8250, 9250 AXIAL FLOW


The Axial-Flow™ 250 Series has arrived in Australia. The next evolution is now even more durable and efficient, with new features that add real value by simplifying operations, enabling consistency and reducing fatigue. With the optional AFS Harvest Command™, it can even help the inexperienced operator produce results a seasoned campaigner would be proud of. In real time, settings such as rotor speed, rotor cage vane angle, cleaning fan speed, sieve positions and more are continuously monitored and adjusted as conditions change, providing exceptional performance – without driver intervention.

New Transmission
The new 250 Series Axial Flow the units will be enhanced with a two-speed electric shift ground drive transmission, with an on-the-go HI/LO range control.

    • 215 cc variable displacement motor and a 175 cc variable displacement pump.
    • Track units will have a 280cc variable displacement motor with 175cc variable displacement pump.
    • The transmission also includes hydraulic power disc brakes, electronically controlled, mechanically applied park brake and heavy-duty final drives.
    • Wide speed range in each gear to minimise shifting.
  • The speed ranges are adjustable to meet varying crop and field conditions.

AFS Harvest Command™

AFS Harvest Command™ automatically adjusts itself based upon feedback from sensors and targets the maximum ground speed and engine load as set by the operator. The additional advantage is there is no time required to establish a baseline as can be required on competitive machines. There are three levels of settings available.

Automatic Crop Settings (ACS) – Standard in all machines:
The first level (Base) uses Automatic Crop Settings to assist with configuring the combine to suit a specific crop type. The operator can control the speed and maintain it as they choose (fixed speed).
They can choose to save the combine settings or use the predetermined factory default settings.

Feedrate Control – This second level uses a feedrate control system to adjust the combines ground speed based on settings the operator chooses to configure. Within this feature you can choose to set the combine to one of the three setting choices below:

      • Performance Mode – Attempts to reach the target engine load set by the operator and varies ground speed based on rotor and sieve losses.
      • Fixed Throughput – Monitors the ground drive power usage and determines the crop processing power that is being used. The feedrate control system will then vary ground speed to maintain consistent crop processing power so the throughput of the machine remains fixed.

The third optional level – combines feedrate control and automation to control ground speed and losses based on conditions and settings the operator chooses to configure.
When activated this feature can make adjustments to not only ground speed, but also the threshing and cleaning systems of the combine if required, depending on settings as selected by the operator. Within this option you choose to set the combine to one of the four setting choices below:

        • Automation Grain Quality
          This combines the automation and feedrate systems with the emphasis on grain quality, sample cleanliness and reduced losses.
        • Automation Performance
          This combines the automation and feedrate systems with the emphasis on preventing losses. Rotor and sieve losses are monitored and used to adjust ground speed if necessary.
        • Automation Max Throughput
          This combines the automation and feedrate systems with the emphasis on maximising throughput and minimising losses. Machine settings are adjusted to maintain a specifically targeted engine load whilst also working to minimise losses.
      • Automation Fixed Throughput
        This combines the automation and feedrate systems with the emphasis on a fixed throughput with minimal losses. Machine settings are adjusted to prevent losses based on the operator set points.


The single rotor technology, the “Axial-Flow” has led the industry since 1977, providing a simple design that produces superior grain quality and better value than any other combine on the market. Case IH Axial-Flow combine harvesters are leading the industry in productivity.

From header to the spreader, Axial-Flow series systems are carefully matched to ensure efficiency and productivity. The Axial-Flow line represents simplicity and reliability with the fewest drive components and longest service intervals in the industry. It also leads the industry with features such as the largest cleaning systems, most innovative drive systems, and largest selection of headers.


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