• MacDon M1 M1240 R85 1 Crop
  • MacDon M1 M1240 DualDirection
  • MacDon M1 M1240 Crossflex
  • MacDon M1 M1240 UltraGlide
  • MacDon M1 M1240 360 Night Vision
  • MacDon M1 M1240 Harvest Tracker
  • MacDon M1 M1240 Deluxe Cab
  • MacDon M1 M1240 Controls

MacDon M1 Series

MacDon M1 Series

MacDon M1170 / M1240

MacDon M1 - Product Line up 2018

PDF – MacDon Product Line up 2018

The MacDon M1 Series Windrowers continue MacDon’s tradition of bringing harvesting innovation to the field. These all-new Windrowers deliver power, performance, comfort, and speed. The powerful Cummins engines provide more than enough header drive capacity to power through the toughest harvesting situations. Our patented CrossFlexTM suspension makes the 18 mph (29 km/h) in-field and 28 mph (45 km/h) road speeds feel like a relaxed cruise. The high-back leather vented and heated seat, auto climate control, Bluetooth® radio, and the 360° Night Vision from 8 LED work lights will keep you comfortable and cutting long after the sun goes down. Setting a new standard in Windrower technology, the M1 Series is the next level of harvesting performance.

2018 M1 Models:

  • MacDon M1170 – 173 HP (129kW) @ 2400 rpm 4.5L Cummins Turbo
  • MacDon M1240 – 248 HP (185kW) @ 2200 rpm 6.7L Cummins Turbo

Previous M1 models:

  • MacDon  M205
  • MacDon  M155
  • MacDon  M105


Unique Features of the M1 Series:

  • Powerful Performance – Cummins 6.7L turbo diesel with 248 hp or a Cummins 4.5L turbo with 173 hp
  • Keeping its Cool Under Pressure – New dual radiator design
  • Fast Smooth Ride & Clean cut- MacDon’s all-new patented CrossFlexTM Suspension and MacDon’s Ultra Glide®
  • Faster in & Between Fields* –  MacDon’s patented Dual Direction® technology
  • 360˚ Night Vision – 8 high power LED work lights
  • DWA Saves Time & Money – Optional Double Windrow Attachment
  • Massive Crop Clearance Ability – The Industry’s Best Crop Clearance with 46” (117 cm) of height and 169” (429 cm) of width
  • Track your Harvest Performance –  All-new 7″ LCD Harvest Performance Tracker
  • And many more…


Compatability with MacDon Header Fronts

M1240XXXX 16'
M205XXX 16'



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Read all about the M1 Series in the 2018 Product Line up PDF.

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