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Gason Air Seeders

Gason Air Seeders

Gason Air Seeders Product Brochure

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Accompanying the Gason Seeders and Planters are the Gason Air Seeders. O’Connors is offering a wide range of the trailed bins, whether it is for granular or liquid application. They go hand in hand with the Gason Para-Maxx planter series.


New Release
2170 & 2210 Air Seeders

The new release Gason 2170 (17500L) or 2210 (22000L) air seeders have 3 individual bins, variable rate and can be fitted with options including load cells on each bin, pasture planter and large 11” load / unload auger.



Gason 2120 and 2150 Liquid Air Seeder

Liquid equipped models feature a robust dual compartment 5000 litre UV stabilized polyethene tank, as well as conventional middle and rear steel bins for granular products, allowing the application of both liquid and solid fertiliser with the seed.

A dual pump system is supplied as standard to meter product and to offer a high degree of mixing via the 4 in-tank agitation nozzles. An optional second meter control system is available to allow 2 incompatible liquids from the main tank to be metered  and distributed right through to the ground.

Gason 1750 Air Seeder

The 1750 series is a reduced cost version of the 1850 series with a single axle and a rigid pull attachment to the tillage planter. In all other respects, it is identical to the 1850 series. It uses the same Series 1 meter box and is available with ground drive or Variable Rate Technology. Other options available are a 380-litre small seeds box, loading/unloading auger for efficiency in the paddock, and an air warmer kit to ensure excellent product conveyance in difficult conditions.


More Info

For more Info abouthte Gason Air Seeders please contact your local O’Connors dealership or read the PDF – Gason Air Seeder Brochure.