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  • Duett 7300 S1
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  • Powerful disc mowers that are also suitable for smaller tractors.
  • Quick turns on headlands thanks to the lifting cylinder.
  • Easy to use.
  • Vertical transport position.
  • Reliable operation, both hydraulic and mechanic locking during transport.


Tractor power requirment, min/max, kW *):60-90
Minimum recommended tractor weight, kg*):4000
Cutting width, m: 3,2
Number of disc: 8
Adjustable High-skids: Standard
HydroBalance suspension: Standard
HydroActive Release: StandardX
Transport width, m:2,5
Transport machine height, m :3,8
Weight, kg: 920
PTO speed, 1000 rpm: Standard
PTO speed, 540 rpm: Option
Hydraulic connection-single action: 1
Hydraulic pressure, min/max bar: 140-210
PTO connection 1 3/8″-Z6: Standard
3 point linkage : Cat.2/3

DUETT 7300 Reverse Drive Mower

  • Ergonomic driving position saves you from back and neck pain
  • Best possible view over the area of operation
  • High capacity
  • Extremely agile
  • Does not require driving on the forage
  • The swaths are perfect for baling
  • Conditioning rotor, round forged steel fingers, adjustable counter bar


Tractor power requirement, min/max, kW *): 140-180
Cutting width, m: 7,3
Number of disc: 18
Adjustable High-skids: Standard
Round forged steel finger: Standard
Rotor width: 2×2150
Rotor speed: 920
Swath width, m: 2×1,3-1,7
HydroBalance suspension:Standard
Mechanical Release: Standard
Transport width, m: 2,8
Transport machine height, m : 4
Weight, kg: 2700
PTO speed, 1000 rpm: Standard
Hydraulic connection-single action: 3
Hydraulic connection-double action: 1
Hydraulic pressure, min/max bar: 18-210
PTO connection 1 3/4″-Z20: Standard
3 point linkage :Cat.3


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