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  • Manitou MC18


Rough-Terrain Forklift Manitou MC18-2 and MC18-4

Available in two or four wheel drive versions, the MC18 allows you to accurately handle loads in all types of terrains. Thanks to its 31-cm ground clearance, the machine delivers excellent grade-ability to access your crops. The newly designed rough-terrain Forklift Manitou MC18 is made for farmers and growers to get their goods across their farms easily. Available as two or four-wheel drive, the MC18 is versatile and perfect for any outdoor and rough terrain application. Fruit and vegetable producers will like the ease to handle pallets.

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Master of his class

The MC18 has the highest ground clearance (30cm) and is the fastest rough-terrain fork lift on the market (25kph in 2WD). It is engineered to balance of enough ground clearance and ease of accessing the cab. And with the compact measurements of 1.45m width and less than 2m height it is designed for small and tight spaces.

MC18 can be ordered with two-wheel or four-wheel drive. It has been designed with 2 motors at the front and 2 motors in the rear axle. Switching between the modes is easily done on the go, depending on travel distance and surfaces.

The Manitou MC18-2 and MC18-4 are both designed to reduce cost of ownership, for example by downsizing the engine and therefore reducing the fuel consumption by up to 30%.


Masts for your work

Depending on your work environment and requirements, Manitou offers three types of masts for the MC18.

  • Duplex Total Visibility – three versions available DVT33/37/45
    • Lifting height: 3.3m to 4.5m
    • Extended mast height: 4.2m to 5.5m
    • Residual capacity: 1,000 to 1,800kg
    • Tilt forward/backwards: 10°/12°
  • Triplex without Free Lift – one model available: TVT33
    • Lifting height: 3.3m
    • Extended mast height: 4.2m
    • Residual capacity: 1800kg
    • Tilt forward/backwards: 10°/12°
  • Triplex Free Lift – six models available: TLL37/40/43/47/50/55
    • Lifting height: 3.7m to 5.5m
    • Extended mast height: 4.5m to 6.3m
    • Residual capacity: 1,000 to 1,800kg
    • Tilt forward/backwards: 10°/12° and 6°/6°


Benefits and Services of the Manitou

Benefits of the Manitou Forklifts

Manitou design all their machinery with six main areas in their focal point:

  • Safety
  • Versatility
  • Easy to maintain
  • Robustness
  • Design
  • Easy to use

Services of Manitou

Manitou is not only producing quality machines, but also offer a wide range of services to complement their forklifts and tele-handler:


Ready to find out more

Read more about Manitou and their focus on agriculture here or visit the Manitou Forklifts website.