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Self Propelled Sprayer –  a Case IH Patriot 4430

State of the Art Spraying

Maximum strength and structural rigidity. Minimum weight and soil compaction. The Case IH Patriot series is a self propelled sprayer designed to go more places, leave fewer runs and get into wet fields sooner. Patriot sprayers lead the industry with features like the AIM Command® spray system, active suspension and the surveyor cab.

Case IH Patriot self-propelled sprayers Range

Case IH Patriot Range – Self propelled Sprayers

O’Connors’ experience and support

O’Connors were the first Case IH dealers to embrace the new spraying technology. Since then, we build our knowledge around the self propelled sprayer and different spraying systems. Our technical product specialists will help guide you through the system and machine – you will appreciate our in-field support.

Case IH Patriot 4430 – Overview

  •  The flagship model of the Patriot self propelled sprayer series
  • 4,542L and extended 6,000L Class IV sprayer
  • Case IH FPT engine: 335 base hp/374 peak hp
  • Michelin tyre offering: 380/90R46, load index 173D
  • Surveyor cab provides great comfort and view
Case IH Patriot 4430 with 6000l tank extension

Case IH Patriot 4430 with 6000L tank from O’Connors

The Patriot 4430 – Specifications

The Patriot 4430 engine:

  • 8.7 L Case IH FPT
  • 335 hp base and 374 hp peak
  • 1470 Nm peak torque

Boom options of the Case IH 4430:

  • Case IH offers boom options of 30.5m (100ft) or 36.6m (120ft)
  • Boom Adjustment heights: 61 – 213 cm (24 – 84 in.)

Drive and Suspension:

  • Hydrostatic Drive with full-time 4-wheel drive
  • 4-wheel independent trailing-link suspension with spring and shock standard; active suspension.
  • Wheel base of 4.1 m (13 ft. 4 in.)
  • Wheel tracks from 305 – 399 cm hydraulically adjusted from the cab with manual stops at 2.54 cm (1 in.) increments per wheel
  • 135 cm (53 in.) ground clearance
  • 48kph travel speed


  • 4,542l (1,200 gal.) tailess steel solution tank. Optional 6,000l tank extension from O’Connors.
  • 530l (140 gal.) fuel tank
  • 530l (140 gal.) rinse tank

Tyre options:

  • 380 / 90R46
  • 480 / 80R42
  • 620 / 70R38
  • 650 / 65R38

Case Ih Patriot Self Propelled Sprayers Brochure

PDF – Case IH Patriot Range

Why are Case IH Patriot sprayers today’s choice?

Because they offer tomorrow’s performance with bold advances in spray technology, like AIMCommand They offer unique sprayer configurations such as the rear-engine 4430 and 3330 with “Active Suspension” and the Surveyor cab. This all adds up to advances in spraying, dramatic increases in productivity, and reduced costs per acre. And that’s created a whole new generation of loyal customers. Case IH engineering teams in four locations work together, continuing a history of innovative engineering and strategic partnering. They exchange ideas, adapt designs and incorporate the latest technology breakthroughs to optimise their solutions to your application challenges. That’s “cross-functional engineering.”

The key? Responsiveness. Our people in the field listen to what customers and customer representatives are saying, so our engineers can design machines that deliver state-of-the-art performance. That’s why there’s a Patriot sprayer that precisely fits your needs – we designed it to do just that


Advanced spraying systems for your self-propelled sprayer

You have the choice to equip your sprayer with different spraying systems. Depending on your requirements and conditions, O’Connors help you to get the right system. Our product specialists will help and guide you through the setup and running operations.

  • Aim Command
  • Aim Command Pro
  • NEW: Aim Command Flex and Flex S


The Case IH Patriot 4430 comes with the Case IH Pro 700 and Case IH Viper 4+ display and AFS technology.
To find out more about the display or precision farming products, go here.


Case IH Red Cover Plus Standard Protection Plan

Click for more info – Case IH Red Cover Plus


We understand the importance of your product being serviced and maintained in good working order when it counts. We recognise you expect your product will deliver on the ever increasing productivity demands. Case IH customers deserve the additional peace of mind of knowing your product is covered should the unexpected occur with 3 years / 3000 hour standard REDCover Plus Protection Plan (SPP). Additional coverage options available. Read more on the Case IH website


Ready to find out more

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