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CASE IH 5140, 6140, 7140 AXIAL FLOW

Case IH 140 series Axial-Flow combines

Our Case IH 140 series delivers maximum peace of mind through a simple, efficient and reliable belt-driven rotor design. You have the selection of three harvester models with different engines and grain tank sizes. All standard equipped with a Case IH AFS Pro 700. We have over 50 years experience with selecting the right combine for your conditions. Whether you decide on the 140 series or take the next level with the 240 series combines – we can give you advice and will back it up with excellent part and service.


Case IH Axial Flow Combines 2018 5140 6140 7140 7240 8240 9240

PDF – Case IH Axial Flow Combines

Case IH 5140

  • Class V combine harvester
  • Case IH – FTP 6.7 L engine
  • Rated 275 hp, peak 295 hp
  • 8800 L (250bu.) grain tank
  • Unload rate: 84.3 L/sec

Case IH 6140

  • Class VI combine harvester
  • Case IH – FTP 8.7 L engine
  • Rated 348 hp, peak 411 hp
  • 10,5600 L (300 bu.) grain tank
  • Unload rate: 113 L/sec

Case IH 7140

  • Class VII combine harvester
  • Case IH – FTP 8.7 L engine
  • Rated 375 hp, peak 442 hp
  • 10,560 L (300 bu.) grain tank
  • Unload rate: 113 L/sec


Axial Flow Combines

The single rotor technology, the “Axial-Flow” has led the industry since 1977, providing a simple design that produces superior grain quality and better value than any other combine on the market. Case IH Axial-Flow combine harvesters are leading the industry in productivity, choose between the Case IH 140 or 240 series combines.

From header to the spreader, Axial-Flow series systems are carefully matched to ensure efficiency and productivity. The Axial-Flow line represents simplicity and reliability with the fewest drive components and longest service intervals in the industry. It also leads the industry with features such as the largest cleaning systems, most innovative drive systems, and largest selection of headers.


Ready to find out more

Whether you want simplicity and convenience or superior control, Case IH Axial-Flow combines are available with the rotor technology right for you. Call O’Connors, we have the experience and quality support you need to make the right combine selection.

Or browse in the PDF – Case IH Axial Flow and visit the Axial Flow section on the Case IH website

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