M Series

Windrowing technology takes another leap forward. How do you improve a machine that has set industry benchmarks for speed and productivity? The answer is you focus on pushing the boundaries even further; things like giving every model a horsepower boost, improving operator comfort with an all-new suspension system and boosting infield performance with an upgraded header drive. What you won’t find changed are the things operators loved, such as intuitive controls, easier maintenance and the exclusive Dual Direction® technology that permits faster travel to and from the field at road speeds up to 23 MPH (37 km/h).

  • MacDon  M205
  • MacDon  M155
  • MacDon  M105

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Rotary Disc Headers

Setting a higher bar for rotary disc performance. If you’ve been looking for a header that cuts alfalfa at speeds up to16 MPH (26 km/h) and powers through 12′ (3.6 m) of cane or a heavy winter forage crop – MacDon’s R85 Rotary Disc provides all this and more. This next generation rotary disc machine has been significantly improved in almost every important area including frame strength, cutting angle, disc pattern, header flotation and conditioning. There’s even MacDon’s new Double Windrow Attachment that allows you to place up to 48′ (14.6 m) of crop into a single windrow by combining three 16′ (4.9 m) conditioned windrows. The result is a machine that delivers greatly improved cutting, crop handling and windrow formation, especially in tough, heavy or wet crop conditions.

  • MacDon R85

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