• Tulip Centerliner Easytronic

Lely Tulip Centerliner

Lely Tulip Centerliner

Full, double overlap covering the whole spreading width

Two spinner discs,  four spoons each covering the whole spreading width. The spreading patterns overlap each other as a result.  This is a unique feature on the spreader market!

On most twin-disc spreaders, the spinner discs rotate from center to outside (seen from the rear). Each disc produces a half spreading pattern. These two patterns are then laid against each other in the middle behind the tractor. Only a very accurate dose rate setting, that has to be repeated when switching to another type of fertiliser, can prevent stripes behind the middle of the tractor due to a wrong overlap. The Centerliner does not have this problem because the 2 spreading patterns overlap each other completely over the entire spreading width. This is, in fact, a full, double overlap!

So not only does the Centerliner provide a double overlap per working pass, but it does the same with each consecutive bout.
Therefore we can easily state that it provides 2x a double overlap.

Centerliner SXi

Tulip Centerliner Easytronic

The new Centerliner SXi is based on the SX model but has a compact and integrated weighing device.

EASYtronic enabled: the new electronics with integrated inclinometer are responsible for the fully automatic control of the dosage based on tractor speed and measured weight reduction. The EASYtronic is also prepared for LH5000 variable rate control.

On the color display, you can verify: tractor speed, current kg/ha, valve position, RPM of spinner discs, hectare counting, traveled distance etc.

Centerliner SX

Centerliner SE

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Lely, Tulip and O’Connors are constantly looking for solutions for local farmers. Whether it is for large farm operations or farmers just looking for products for optimal milk and meat production. Together, we are organising Information Days, Drive and Demo Days and attending the Internation Dairy Week and other Field Days. Because we believe, you have to see and test it before you buy it. So come and see us at our next event or in one of our dealerships


Tulip is the brand name that includes the Roterra power harrow, the Multidisc disc harrow, the Rotarytiller, the Polymat seeding drill
and the Centerliner fertilizer spreader. Several innovations including the new design power harrows, seeding drills and fertilizer spreaders are coming from Tulip. Lely is distributing the Tulip products in Australia.

For more information about the entire product range, please contact our sales team or visit >> Website – Tulip>> Website – Lely or >> PDF – Tulip Product Catalogue