The iHSD V12 SEED DESTRUCTOR is the latest generation of HSD Technology – single pass harvest weed seed control.  It is a simple vertical, mechanical direct drive system that is low cost to farmer’s and low maintenance.

The iHSD attachment is designed and manufactured in Australia by de Bruin Engineering for easy installation in-field to suit a growing list of combine harvesters including, CASE IH.

The fully integrated system assists farmers to DESTROY up to 99.9% of targeted weed seeds as they harvest in a single pass (AHRI/UniSA).

iHSD is installed on the rear of a combine harvester and processes the chaff destroying weed seeds contained in the trash and providing harvest time weed control, preventing the vast majority of weed seeds encountered from entering the soil seed bank.The fully integrated system when purchased includes all base components to fit the combine harvester. Including pulleys, jackshafts, straw baffles, belts and monitoring system.

  • Direct Mechanical Drive
  • Vertical Mills
  • Stone trap to avoid foreign body ingress
  • Auger shaft to actively feed the mills, preventing blockages
  • 8 bolts to remove the chassis
  • Simple and easy to work on, only 2 belts required to transmit power
  • No gearboxes, coolers or complex electronics
  • Bypass options

Ability to handle various crop types and 60 tonne of wheat per hour or 10 tonne per hectare

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