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Ausplow Easitill

Ausplow Easitill II

Deep ripping is an integral part of many farm operations. And the Ausplow Easitill II is the perfect tool for it. Breaking up surface compaction in the 200-300mm (8-12in) zone helps to increase yield responses, typically in barley or wheat.

The proven Easitill II precision deep tillage machine is available with three different tine spacings – from 460mm up to 600mm. Easitill II is capable of working to depths of 300mm (12″) with the 750mm shank or the 820mm shank designed for sand plain soil to a depth of 380mm (15″). The digging width range from 2.60m (8ft) up to 13m (43ft).


The Ausplow Easitill Range

Ausplow Easitill

Easitill E460

Three rows of tines, all spaced 460mm apart with a digging width from 4m (13ft) upt to 13m (43ft)

See more details in the >> PDF Easitill 460 Spec Sheet


Ausplow Easitill

Easitill E520

Five to 23 tines in three rows and 520mm apart with an overall digging with from 2.60m (8ft) to 12m (39ft)

See more details in the >> PDF Easitill E520 Spec Sheet


Ausplow Easitill

Easitill E600

The Eastill 600 comes in 3m (10ft) or 12m (39ft) digging widht with five or twenty tines spread 600mm apart.

See more details in the >> PDF Easitill 600 Spec Sheet


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Ausplow DBS logoAusplow DBS is known deep seeding possibilities in a wide range of soil conditions.  Ausplow is an Australian owned company that designs and manufactures precision seeding and delivery systems for the Agricultural market. Ausplow’s continuous development of seeding and deep tillage equipment since 1988 will ensure you are buying the worlds leading technology in precision seeding and delivery systems.

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