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Ausplow Airseeder

Ausplow Airseeder

The Ausplow Airseeder is available in five models and has been designed to cater for broadacre farmers who do not wish to move to liquid fertilizer application. This dedicated airseeder differentiates itself from our Multistream models which cater for granular and liquid applications.

All Machines include augers, hydraulic oil heat exchangers and full flow hydraulic filter with service indicators. Variable rate standard on all models. A 3-meter track option and staggered axle option available on Tow Behind models.


Airseeder Drawbar mounted

The drawbar-mounted solution works for smaller tank capacities without liquid fertilising. Ausplow is offering currently only one model, the A60002DB with a total tank capacity of 6,000l, which is split into two separate tanks of 3,000l each

See more details in the >> PDF Ausplow Airseeder Drawbar Mounted Spec Sheet


Airseeder Towed Between

The towed-between Airseeder offers two combinations: The A95002BT has a total tank capacity of 9,400l with two separate tanks, the A110003BT is the larger one with 10,900l capacity split over 3 tanks.

See more details in the >> PDF Ausplow Airseeder Tow Between Spec Sheet


Airseeder Towed Behind

The towed behind Airseeder is also available in the same configurations as the towed between Airseeder with 9,400 to 10,900l capacities separated into two or three bins.

See more details in the >> PDF Ausplow Airseeder Tow Behind Spec Sheet


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Ausplow and O’Connors are sharing a long history of bringing the latest precision seeding technology into Victoria. Just recently we held a series of Tillage Drive Days where interested farmers could jump onto the machine and do some runs of actual seeding. See the >> pictures of the demos and the >> results of it on Facebook.


Ausplow DBS logoAusplow DBS is known deep seeding possibilities in a wide range of soil conditions.  Ausplow is an Australian owned company that designs and manufactures precision seeding and delivery systems for the Agricultural market. Ausplow’s continuous development of seeding and deep tillage equipment since 1988 will ensure you are buying the worlds leading technology in precision seeding and delivery systems.

For more information about the entire product range, please contact our sales team or visit >> Website – Ausplow