New award-winning Maxxum series ups the ante

Maxxum 135 3 (1) Copy

This month Case IH launched a new Maxxum series which, for the first time, includes the exciting ActiveDrive 8 transmission – the new three-range eight-speed powershift transmission featuring double clutch technology, ideal for power-hungry tasks where momentum is important.


The full line-up now includes:

  • The Maxxum CVT – Continues to be the ultimate in comfort
    – New styling, new wheelbase and enhanced features
  • The Maxxum Multicontroller with ActiveDrive 8 Transmission
    –  The new premium performance tractor
    – New transmission, new styling, new wheelbase and enhanced features
  • Maxxum with 16×16 Semi Powershift Transmission
    – The classic choice for farmers
    – Established workhorse with new roof styling, and an entry level price position


Additionally the Case IH Maxxum ActiveDrive 8 took out 2018 Tractor of the Year, with fuel efficiency ranked as best in class, achieving the best rating ever by a four-cylinder model.

“Maxxum has long been the name by which mid-range tractors are measured, a by-word for models which are agile, efficient, strong and dependable,” said Case IH Product Manager Seamus McCarthy.

“The new Maxxum series still delivers these characteristics but now offers a host of key improvements around the design, transmission and inclusion of a CVT 6-cylinder model.”

With its adaptive steering, tight turning radius, and brake to clutch function that allowed for inching with the brake pedal, the new series is suited to a variety of activities from field work to loader jobs.

“With excellent power to weight ratios, the new Maxxum tractors offer the ultimate combination of muscle and performance, with a host of features we know will appeal to customers looking for a tractor suited to a range of different businesses,” said Seamus.


Key features for customers looking at the new Maxxum range are:

  • Enhanced power options – a 6-cylinder engine is now available for Maxxum 150 CVT and Multicontroller for applications where power counts
  • Increased efficiency – the ActiveDrive 8 transmission has three ranges and a total of 24 speeds in both forwards and reverse. The double-clutch technology results in less torque interruption, while pedal clutching is not necessary for range changes, making this transmission ideal for power-hungry tasks where momentum is important.
  • Intuitive operations – Adaptive steering for faster turns with less steering movements is now a feature, along with Headland Management Control II technology, now offered as standard on the Maxxum Multicontroller and CVT models. HMC II automates headland turns with the benefits of reduced driver fatigue and improved productivity. AFS AccuGuide and new AFS AccuTurn are also available.
  • Stunning new design – the Maxxum design is now aligned with that of the Optum CVT, featuring an updated roof line and LED work lights in the front grill.
  • Improved operator comfort – Deluxe seat options now available, along with enhanced cab features and a single piece front screen.
  • Increased efficiency – Brake to clutch functionality and ISOBUS III compatibility.