MacDon PreSeason Service

Book now and save later

Your MacDon windrower was working hard the last harvest. Now is the time that you get it checked and ready for the new season. Our MacDon PreSeason Service is helping you to be prepared.


MacDon PreSeason Service

Book your MacDon PreSeason Service with O’Connors before 31st June 2019 and you can choose between one of the following options:

  • 10% discount on all genuine parts. This excludes oil and the parts must be fitted by O’Connors staff;
  • Deferred payment until January 2020

See all details on our website and on the PDF, just click on the picture.

To make a booking, please use our online booking form or contact our service departments at your local O’Connors dealership.

*Service must be booked before 31st June 2019. 10% discount on all genuine parts, this excludes oil and the parts must be fitted by O’Connors staff.



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