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On-Combine Grain Analyser - Only $19,990*

"Nitrogen is fixed differently between our soil types. With information from the 3000H we can better understand what's going on and target our nitrogen inputs more efficiently. It gives us a different dimension of what's happening in the paddock." Brodan Holland - Young, NSW

The Case IH 3000H Grain Analyser allows you to accurately analyse protein, oil and moisture content in wheat, barley, canola in real-time whilst harvesting in the paddock.

Advanced on-the-go grain analysis with the Case IH 3000H Grain Analyser:

  • Suits any combine
  • Improve your productivity
  • Optimise input costs


  • Achieve real-time quality grain mapping to measure protein in wheat and oil in canola whilst harvesting
  • Blend grain in field based on grain quality
  • Save on input costs by comparing yield V grain quality

On-Combine Grain Analyser Pre-Season offer: only $19,990 excl. GST*.

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Offer ends August 31st, 2018.

More about the 3000H Grain Analyser

More information about the On-Combine Grain Analyser here:

*Terms and condition apply. Price excluding GST and installation charges are not included in advertised price. Offer ends 31/08/2018.

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