A US model Steiger with some of its features soon to be rolled out on MY19 Steigers in Australia.

Just when you thought the king of Case IH tractors couldn’t get any better, Case IH has announced a number of updates and improvements for new Steiger 2019 models.

The tracks on the 400, 450 and 500 Steiger Rowtrac have been upgraded, allowing for the machines to travel up to 40kph with no weight restrictions. The improvement comes from a change to the material on the outside of the roller wheels and a change to the tracks themselves, with the two combining to allow for the increase in weight and speed.

It’s all designed to reduce friction and heat build-up, resulting in more durable mid-rollers and less track wear.

High horsepower product manager for Case IH, Alyx Selsmeyer, said with the higher temperatures in Australia and more hours in the field than other markets, this was an important change for customers.

A new air intake system for the engine has also been introduced with the aim of enhancing air flow, with the new design and appearance improving filter life in many of the challenging field conditions in which the Steiger is used.

A fully-cast undercarriage system designed to boost tractor strength and durability is not only more structurally sound, according to Alyx, but also more aesthetically pleasing.

“The previous undercarriage had 20 pieces welded together to make one structural unit, while the new unit is one cast structure which eliminates stress concentration points associated with welded joints,” she said.

A newly-designed clear cap on the idler wheels offers a maximum fill line moulded into the cap and a recessed “view” window, making the monitoring of oil levels quicker and easier.

Saddletanks will come standard on MY19 Rowtracs, increasing the fuel tank capacity by 340 litres, and the increasing technology demands of customers hasn’t been ignored either.

Steiger 4WD tractors will have improved connectivity with the addition of new telematics options for model year 2019, and Case IH Steiger 2019 customers can use a new telematics system free for the first three years.

“Performance, productivity and durability have always been among the core values we associate with the Steiger. As the world’s first articulated tractor with CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), Case IH showed what was possible in the high horsepower tractor market. With this latest round of improvements we’ve shown our commitment to keep lifting the bar and make the Case IH Steiger the benchmark in this sector of the market,” Alyx said.