Reman Alternator Offer




O’Connors have now available re-manufactured parts which are as good as new. As an introductory offer, you can get an “as new” reman alternator for only $265 incl GST. That is a massive saving compared to a brand new alternator.

This alternator suits your:

  • Combines: Case IH Axial Flow series 1400 – 2500
  • Tractors: Case IH Magnum
  • Articulated tractors: Case IH Steiger prior to 2006
  • and: Case IH Patriot 4260 and 4410 self-propelled sprayers

Take this flyer to your local O’Connors dealership and ask about the re-manufactured parts

Offer – Reman Alternator


Why buy re-manufactured products from us?

One of the main reason to chose a reman products is to save money. Then, you can save an average of over 30% on an equivalent new part if you chose a re-manufactured part.

The products are re-built to meet “as new” specifications, superior quality is a primary goal of the re-manufacturing process – hence, you do not have to worry about quality. All Case IH parts are coming with a 12-month parts and labour warranty, the same as on new Case IH parts.

The range of Case Ih Reman products is long: engines and turbo-chargers, transmissions and gearboxes, hydraulic pumps and motors and many more.

In short – you are buying a “as new” product for sometimes half the price of a new one. 

Contact our O’Connors dealership and ask our parts department about the Case IH Reman Parts list.

Contact our Parts Departments


Not convinced yet? Take a look into the Reman Engine Factory

At the Case IH facility in Missouri, USA they are re-manufacturing used engine to the highest standards so that they leave the factory to meet “as new” specifications. Finally, view this video or the many other Case Ih videos and take a close look into the re-building process.